How to Use Hike Messenger on your Laptop or PC : Windows 10

Hike Messenger for PC is now available to download into your Computer.  Hike Messenger is one of the best Chatting and free text app available in Indian Market as its created in India. It offers a wide range of free chat stickers, emotions, etc. Also, its blazing fast text delivery technology makes it’s unique and as good as WhatsApp or WeChat. Its available for all the mobile phone platform but not for Computer, so today we are going to present a guide on how to download Hike Messenger on PC.

Hike Messenger

Applications like WhatsApp and WeChat rule the market of messaging app but Hike App is no less in front of them as it has got all the features which these apps have and have something more to add as features of its Indian users. If you use Airtel Sim Card then you will receive an extra benefit as you can use it for free with it.

Recently, I got in touch with the company member of Hike App and I personally asked if they are going to release any version for computer users, they gave a clear NO. So I started searching for a guide for downloading Hike Messenger for PC and today I am going to present that only.

Highlights Of Hike Messenger App

First of all, before going deep into the topic let give a short introduction to this app as some of the readers of our blog might not be knowing about much about this application.

Hike Messenger has its own taste and one of the best thing which I liked is Privacy, you can set who can see “Last Seen” stamp and who cannot which is not available in Giant WhatsApp.

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Along with that other features like Chat Stickers, awesome themes, super fast, offline sending option (one of the best function which is not available in any other application) Also, the 128 bit security which this app provide is also notable thing as no one can gain unauthorized access to the chats over public wi-fi.

6 Steps to Download Hike Messenger on Windows 10

Now after you got to know about all the unique and main features of Hike App its time to know how to really download Hike Messenger on PC, and for that I request my readers to follow each and every step which is mentioned in below tutorial, if you skip any step then please don’t blame me if you can use this app on PC.

  1. From the official website of Bluestacks, download the App Player for your operating system (its available for Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as XP)
  2. After its downloaded, just install it into your computer
  3. Now open the program and you will search bar on the top, just type “Hike Messenger” in the field
  4. Click on the first step so that downloading process of Hike Messenger for Computer will start, then install it.
  5. Now you can use this android application on your computer easily anytime by going into “My Apps” in Bluestacks
  6. Also, one important thing to note is, once you open Hike App in PC you need to confirm your mobile number in order to activate it.

I hope you will follow the above given 5 steps which deal with the process of using Hike Messenger on PC in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac. I request you, people, so please drop a comment and let me know if you liked this article on how to download Hike Messenger for PC or not, also if you faced any issue while going through the steps just contact me or comment below.

How to Use Hike Messenger on your Laptop or PC : Windows 10
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