Best Fildo Alternatives for Android Devices : Apps Like Fildo

The application that we are talking about Goes by the name of fildo. It is one of the most popular music service available for users from all around the world. I have been personally using the field application for all of my music streaming as well as downloading needs over the past few years.

It is a great alternative to Spotify and other paid services that are available for users. Even though it is a free to use service there are many advantages to it than the paid services like Spotify. First of all the fildo application allows users to easily download all of their music so that they can enjoy it even when they are offline.

Recently it has been brought to the notice that the fildo application is not working for many users does today we are going to be providing you with alternatives to the app and make sure that you can get your best music experience. Here are the top similar applications that we could find online –

Best Fildo Alternatives

Best Fildo Alternatives for Android Devices

  • 1. Groove Shark

If you are new to the music scene then you might not be aware about Grooveshark but it is one of the most popular music streaming services available on Android as well as iOS in almost every country out there. It is also a great platform for new and upcoming artists who want to upload the music online and get some views and popularity easily.


Even though soundcloud has become a part of the meta now but still many people are unaware of the fact that soundcloud is one of the most popular free to you streaming service available for people online. It is the home to many popular singers like Lil peep, xxxtentacion and some new upcoming rappers like tekashi69 etc.

  • 3. PANDORA

Pandora is the perfect alternative to filter available on both Android as well as ios and it is going to be your perfect companion in your day to day life. I personally have used Pandora and find it quite amazing because it allows users to redefine the genres they’re listening to and also download the music they want to listen to more than one for free of cost.

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The MOG free play website slowly taking over spotify in countries where it is not legally available. Even though Spotify is relatively popular but the MOG free play website is legally available in each and every country out there without any restrictions at all.

  • 5. RDIO

The rdio Application and website for Android and IOS is going to be something that you are going to be using on the regular if you like to listen to family friendly music.

Best Fildo Alternatives for Android Devices : Apps Like Fildo
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