Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS [Editor’s Pick]

Are you an Android enthusiast who is looking forward to getting apps on their devices that would allow you to store all of your files, music and TV shows online for free of costs? Well, if you think that’s you then you’re at the right place because today we are going to be introducing you all to the best cloud storage services for Android devices.

Android is one of the most popular platforms presents online and it would allow you to easily have your hands on your data with ease over the cloud.

Storage is one of the biggest problems present online and currently, it has become more and more popular among the masses who are running out of it or don’t wish to carry around with the external hard drives or otg cables all the time to use it on their phones. Here are the most popular and the apps that are best in class.

Best Cloud Storage Apps

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS


Mega has got to be one of the best cloud based application on our lists as it has become increasingly more popular among the people out there. Over the years its user base has increased a lot and so has the usages in all regards of the application. I personally find it to be one of the best in class because of its quality of providing new users with 50 gigabytes are free cloud based storage.


MediaFire as one of the oldest cloud based storage application services available on both Android iOS as well as as a website platform. It has been used by millions of people online who have downloaded any kind of stuff online.


Google is one of the most popular drive best online cloud services that allows you to store anything and everything that you want. It’s got its own app on the android app store and allows you to share the stuff that you upload online for free with your friends using a Google Drive link. The only drawback to the Google Drive services that it only comes with 15 gigabytes of storage on your device. If many people are downloading the shared files from your drive then the link can also be frozen.

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One drivers of popular service available offered by Microsoft. Microsoft is known to provide users with online cloud based professional storage solutions in the form of Microsoft Azure but the one drive application is meant for people who are looking forward to casually looking forward to store and their apps, files and other stuff like movies and music online.

  • 5. DROPBOX

Dropbox has always been there with Google Drive and Microsoft onedrive in terms of online cloud storage services for people who are looking forward to using it on the Android device. Users get two gigabytes of online storage along with an option to upgrade it to a one terabyte plan for $10 a month. This is quite cheap in comparison to all the other services available out there.

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android & iOS [Editor’s Pick]
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